Hey Chris. Thought I'd drop a quick e-mail to let you know how my debut of the E-85 carb you did for me went. I can't begin to thank you for putting together an excellent carb.

Right out of the box after adjusting the idle mixture the carb performed great. 1st pass was a 9.959 best it's ever had. 2nd pass 9.954 3rd pass 9.952 4th pass 9.950. Bad light so went out 3rd round.

The DA only change by 1800 ft all day so that helped with
the consistency but still I never ran the cooling fans and drivability and throttle response is great. Car picked up by .07 from the previous gas carb which was a Pro-Systems carb that I thought was tuned properly. 60' picked up by .02.

If there is any negatives it's the smell of the fuel. LOL. Can't wait to try it in the throttle stop and see those results. Again thank you for making this transition a simple plug and play. Keep up the good work and I'll talk to you soon. Gordy

5-16-16 Chris, I would like to Thank You again for the work you have done for us in the last five years. Your work is till paying off. May 7th, we won the 470 class at the Stock Block Shootout at Mocan Raceway.

The carb worked flawless, no problems whatsoever!

Your work is greatly appreciated, thanks again. Jim Childs-Childs Toy Racing

Chris, Our Bmod E85 USRA carb ran perfect, Please check it out and update as required. I had six feature wins and finnished 11th in USRA national points. Thanks for all the awsome work. Kyle


Hey Chris, I forget to tell you , I got 2nd place in points in Top Et at Osceola Dragway near South Bend Indiana. I also got down to 11 cars at the Et finals in Martin Michigan. I attached a pic of all of us in the winners circle at Osceola .
The tall guy to the far right got the championship .He is a good friend of ours. I also got 2 runner ups this year .Hope to have another good year , and I know that will be very possible with the new combination. THANKS for every thing that you have done for me. I really appreciate it . Thanks John

5-2-2015 E70 worked great on the street stock! Picked up a feature win at ********* Speedway first night out.

Chris it's Kelly from vegas. Just got back from test and tune the car ran great. I ran the fastest run I every ran at the strip. A 8.94 the best I every did was I think a 8.97 in a lot better weather. So you took care of me again I can't thank you enough - You're the man !!!!!! I'll let you know how tomorrow go's. Thanks chris

Chris the car ran great. Ran even faster. 8.93 8.946 8.947 8.948 never been so consistent And fastest pass ever. I got to say your the best !!!!!

Just picked up my second feature win running your E85 carb. It took a while to get going this year. It makes so much power.., I;m gonna have to go up a gear.

86 Jet, 37 degrees, a little bigger hole in the nose, switch from synthetic blend to Castrol Syn, and 205 degrees today. I'm happy with that considering it was 86 degrees.

And win #3 in 4 days. They say I'm getting greedy. Thanks for the help. It is good to be back in the winner's circle again. Might be "All the Dirt" cover material.

7-17-13 Just got #4 on E85. Rice Lake last night from 6th starting spot

e85 has been working great in both mid-mods. Clean sweeps in hibbing the first night. thanks to your help and information

6-18-12 Chris, your built another winning carb, The Kid went across state with his mud truck and won it pretty much hands down. All we have done to your carb is turned up the idle screw. You should be feeling pretty good about yourself building carbs that run right out of the box. The Kid was impressed that his truck never got over 160 the whole day! Good job Chris and thanks again for the best e85 carb work.

7-10-12 hey chris
Won at oahe Speedway this last weekend, with a best of 8.99@151 in the middle of the summer heat !!

Thanks to you, John won at Osceola Dragway last Sunday July 15, 2012! If you go to www.osceoladragway.com then go to pictures you can see John, wife Esther, and Son Greg, with our 85 S10 and you did our E85 Carburetor! We are so grateful to you for your excellent work!!!

Any time someone talks to us about E85 we recommend you, because if it weren't for you we would not have had such a consistant car! We ran the same number 4 times Sunday, giving us the win! Thank you again Chris!!! You are the BEST at e85!!!

Badnews 3788 Racing,

Hi Chris, 5-29-12

I appreciate all the help you have done to get our gas carburetor
converted to E-98 on our Wissota Super Stock racer. It took only 2
races to get our first feature win and the enigne makes good reliable power.

It is still early, but hopefully many more feature wins to come this year.

You have been great to deal with and have always took the time to answer my questions in detail. You have a great shop and are very professional!!!

Scott Quinones (Crew Chief) for Trevor Wilson #87 Wissota Super Stock
Superior, WI

....steves nova site..drag race forum
......The engine was built by Cheney Performance, Ham Lake,MN, (Jeff Cheney is a multiple NHRA division 5 champion) 2". headers.....Dominator 1150 built by Classics
Motorsports. The dominator was converted from gas to E85. If anyone is looking for carb work i would highly recommend Classics Motorsports (Sauk Centre,MN. 1-320-352-2051).

You can ship the carb to him (Chris) and his prices are awesome.
Mine was under $300 to rebuild the carb, convert to E85,dyno run the carb on his test engine,includes parts and free shipping back to me.The engine was dyno'ed by Wheeler Dyno services,Blaine,MN. No changes to jetting or anything else with the carb..it was perfect.!..The engine ran great... I am not employed or have any monetary interest in the above mentioned businesses.I wanted to let people know of
these businesses that do excellent work in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area.

By the way this is going in my '82 s10 backhalved for strip only. My '74 Nova is my street machine.

name = Lowell Feucht
comments = hey chris, I bought 3 carbs from you and took all 3 out of the box and ran them. All i had to was set the idle up a little. People wonder what we are running and all i say is carbs by Chris its the only way to go. you have has been super to work with in helping do some fine tuning. The last carb i bought is on a dragster running 8.51 and our slowest car is running 10.6. saving money over racing fuel. super consistant cars also.
thanks Chris

name = john thacker
Just wanted you to know i finally put my s/10 together a 355 11/1 motor on your e-85 carb and ran 7.25 at 97 mph in the eighth with small heads so i am hoping for high 6s next spring Thanks for your help - JOHN THACKER

name = Darryl Edwards
comments = Hey Chris, I finished the e-98 conversionon my camaro, engine runs a whole lot better than on race gas, throttle response is awesome. I'll be sending more guys from southern georgia your way, Keep up the good work, and again thanks ..Darryl

Testimonials .. performance results ....
....happy customers are the best advertising....

name = Larry Stubbe
comments = had you redo our holley carb to run on e-98 for our sbc minirod pulling tractor,was totally surprised how well it ran right out of the box. was surprised at the increase in hp&rpm's. surprised alot of the other pullers also!! Thank's Again, Larry & Tad

name = Dave Cross
comments = Chris, Just thought I'd drop you a line to let you know I just got back from Andy's DynoTune in Watertown S.D. We made 800 hp at the wheel. Your carb needed 0 adjustments.... thank you.... dave

chris.. another update this past weekend we ended up with another win and 2 runner ups !.... this e85 is deadly.. at one point on sat. i had back to back runs only .003 apart!.. two time trials on sunday in different lanes dead on to the thousandth !..

Hi Chris,
I have a Rochester carb to be switched to E85 for a hobby stock car. Last year you did one for me, and it worked awesome... this is for a friend. Can I go ahead and send it to you?
Also I have a question do I need to worry about changing the jets with the weather like a alky carb?
Schoeneman's Install Pro's

Not the best of shots due to paint job incomplete, but this is the car that belongs to the red carbs on your homepage...9.55 @ 143.25...done just as I drive it on the street.
Mufflers, air cleaners, DOT tires, 3500 stall and no trans brake... E85 is great!

demo derby holley E85 4412

We ran the carbs this past weekend and they worked perfectly! I placed second and it wasn’t cause the motor died (I lost a tire and dug a hole). I turned her 7000 rpm (even a little valve float) for ten minutes or so and the motor never missed a beat! Even had a nice
sharp blue flame coming out the stack the hole feature! I even got the most aggressive driver award for how hard I was hitting. Had a lot of people asking all kinds of questions about E85. After we came in from the heat there was frost on the intake.
I will be sending more buisness you way in the future for sure.
Josh Schmitt

name = steven
comments = awesome carb First night out, first night running e-85. ran away with the feature at Rockford Speedway roadrunner division with your Rochester 2g. thanks. nice blue flames coming out of the exhaust pipes.

I got back the updated carburetor you did last month We pulled it out of the box and bolted on the car and I am blown away by the performance!! First night out we broke the current track record and finish second in our main event, second night out we broke the all time track record for our division and brought home a victory... All we done to this car since last year is send you our carburetor for an update.. Check us out on Facebook search for Erick ray or watch our videos on YouTube through MTFX graphics. We are the #77 bomber
Thank You, Erick Ray 4-22-13

comments = Chris,This is the third year using your 900 cfm E85 Carb. I ran top end dragways full schedule in sportsman and won the points!!. Your carb in the heat or cold never varied more than a tenth from weekend to weekend to where the guys on gas would slow or pick up 3 tenths, thats a good testimonial to what E85 does for
consistent runs in the cool and hot weather. There are six guys in my area that run your carbs and to date they work awesome. Thanks for giving me a key component for my championship run!When the fear of ethanol subsides you are going to have to build a bigger building for all your carbs! thanx for the best e85 carbs... T

name = Kyle 4 -3-13
comments = Chris i had a a carb converted to E85.. i race USRA B-Mod and picked up three feature wins last year and multiple heat wins! Very great carb and a great price, i recommend you to everyone wanting to do a conversion!! Thanks Kyle

Just finished our first night with the new carb, got a feature win! Had trouble catching the front runners the last few weeks and now I feel like we have the same power.
Ran with 37 degrees total timing and didn't change anything on carb.
ryan k.

name = Steve
comments = I just wanted to say thanks a lot! You built us a carb for our dirt stock car and we won our first feature this past weekend. Blew them away!

Hi Chris,
Attached is a link to my latest win this season.
I have to take the time to write this testimonial because you have been a big part to my success as a bracket racer in the past 4 years. I have been running your e-85 850 CFM and 1050 cfm carburetors since 2008 and have recorded many wins. I remember the first week
out to the track with your 850 carb I had won. The consistency of e-85 is remarkable once you get it tuned to your engine. It does not vary with the changing weather conditions as much as conventional race fuel. Also, It is quite a bit faster, which doesn't hurt either!
What impress's me the most is your dedication to helping me tune this carb over the phone (even on Saturdays) as well as performed some mods at your shop free of charge. You even paid the shipping which is unheard of and why I will continue to be a loyal customer.
Your knowledge of carb tuning and e-85 is outstanding. I have been racing for 17 years and have never delt with a more friendly information given individual.

Keep up the good work and I wish you all the continued success I wish it could make it on your website to let more people know about your business and e-85.
Regards steve doss

Hey Chris, just wanted to say thanks for the great carb work on my Holley 750 DP. I had made the mistake of buying “a kit” and doing it myself. It was way off. I came to you for having it converted,.. my only complaint was not doing it sooner. The car runs way more consistent, it runs cooler, & it goes faster. Not to mention air changes don’t affect the ET nowhere near as much as when I was burning 110 race fuel. I managed a 2nd place finish in a shootout race the very first weekend. The only reason I didn’t get 1st was because I lifted off the gas. The air was getting a little better and I was used to the car picking up some with air changes. Oops. I matched my fastest pass on gas (done in good air) with pass on E85 done in bad air. Can’t wait to see the difference this fall when the air finally gets “good” again.
My mph is a consistent 2 mph faster than it was on gas. To top the whole thing off, E85 has been $1.89 at the pump all year. Thanks again for the great work & great service. It’s appreciated and I’d recommend you to anyone to make the switch and get burning some corn!

dave g 8-6-10

comments = Hi Chris,
Thanks for the help setting up our Holley 500 cfm carb to run E-85 for our dirt track Sportsman (Pro-stock, Limited Late Model). Finished the season 2nd in points. Made a minor high speed air bleed adjustement on 8/30/08 and led 14 3/4 laps of a 15 lap feature. Unfortunately for 2009, we are combining with the late model class. We will be pushing to still be able to run E-85, but most likely we'll need to run a 4 barrel. Will be contacting you when I know what carb we'll be able to run.
Thanks again

name = Rich Heidlauf
comments = Chris, We ran our 1st bracket race @ Greatlakes Dragaway in Union Grove WI. this weekend and Won Pro no-box Back-2-Back 5-1&5-2-10 on winter blend.I think I'm going to like this E85!Thanks for the GREAT Carb! Rich Heidlauf Tiger Tail Racin

3-4-13 By far the best money I've spent racing! Converting to the E85 carburetor built by classic motorsports has saved us money, and helped us win races! I've seen friends spend 3 times as much on E85 carburetors that did not work right. In 2012 we won 5 main events, and 8 second place finishes including open shows. We finished
second in point at all American Speedway and forth in the nation NASCAR Whelen series Division 4 asphalt..
Thank you, Erick Ray

thought i would let you know that the 410 windsor and e85 carb you did for me has resulted in a track championship.. we took the pro-et class at Oahe speedway! ive got to say this stuff is amazing.. consistency is awsome.. price is even better.. thanks for the
great service..your the best e85 carb guy! i couldnt have done it without you.. butch
monson m&m racing

name = Douglas
comments = Chris,
my driver and I have had great success with the carb you modified for us a couple of years ago. 6 wins and several top 4 finishes. sending you another..thanx

Chris this is Ricky Shipp, I had a dominator converted to E85 a couple years ago and have had a lot of success with it. I won the Jegs Allstars in Super Street, two national event wins and a division win to in 2012. I also won the division 3 championship with it...Just wanted to thank you for the conversion, I know it's long overdue. How
busy are you now? I have another dominator I would like to have converted.
Thanks..... I sent you a picture of the Nova.

name = Charlie Castle 6-4-13
comments = Just wanted to say. We have been running your carbs and ethanol in our wissota Midwest mods. And have had no problems. We run the 2c and the 10 in Hibbing and grand rapids. Cars run strong. Very impressed with the service and performance of these carbs

chris....carb is a winner man.... ran great.... got first place in all 3 classes this weekend with your carbs... ran 4 fastest times... thanks for all you do and more business is coming your way....